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Selling a static caravan, holiday home or lodge: advice from the experts

Owning your own holiday home is an exciting journey that is full of freedom and precious memories. At Lovat Parks, we believe in making holiday home ownership as liberating and exciting as possible. Our tranquil parks are set in the most breath-taking locations in the UK, perfect for exploring all year round. But we know that sometimes circumstances change, and you’ll need to make the tough decision to sell your static caravan or lodge.

Whatever your reasons, there are many ways to sell your static caravan, including to your park, a third party or in a private sale. Although, knowing which the best approach isn’t always straightforward.

In our guide below, our industry experts will provide an overview of how to successfully sell your static caravan, holiday home, or lodge.

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Things to consider before selling your holiday home

Before you start negotiations, you need to consider whether any factors will influence the value of your static caravan. These include:

  • Condition - you’ll always receive the most competitive price possible if you’re selling to your park, but the condition of your caravan will always influence this. If your caravan is impeccable, you can expect to receive a higher price, although wear and tear is always expected, especially if you’ve owned it for a while.
  • Double glazing and central heating - adding brand new double glazing and central heating after manufacture can be a helping factor during the negotiation process.
  • Caravan decking - installing brand new decking on your holiday home can add more value, especially if you improve the exterior appearance. Adding brand new stairs and skirting is another way to enhance your caravan before you sell. Decking is in demand!
  • Pitch position - location is everything and if you have a premium pitch position, you may be able to negotiate a better price.
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Where to sell your static caravan or holiday home:

Selling your static caravan or holiday home to your park owner

One of the simplest ways to sell your static caravan is to speak to your holiday park owner. Many caravan parks, including Lovat Parks, will be more than happy to buy your holiday home from you for a fair price, making it the easiest option.

Remember that your offer will only include the price for the unit, so it might appear lower. As you're only selling the caravan and not the pitch or licence agreement, the price will purely depend on the holiday home's age, condition, and current trade value.

One of the main benefits of selling to park operators is that you won’t have to pay any sales commission or disconnection costs. If you sell your caravan privately or use a dealer, you might have some additional costs to cover.

Selling your static caravan to a trader or dealer

If you can’t agree on a price with your caravan park or they can’t buy from you for any reason, you might be able to sell your static caravan using a trader or dealer. Caravan dealers will typically offer you the same amount as a caravan park, as they base their calculations on the same factors such as current trade value and condition.

Although, if you look around and do some research, you might find a trader who offers you more. It’s best to get several quotes from a few different caravan traders before agreeing to anything. Doing this gives you time to find the best price and access whether they match the resale value of your caravan.

Selling your static caravan privately

Opting for a private sale is another popular way of selling a static caravan. At Lovat Parks, if we can’t agree on a price with you, you’re free to sell to an outside third party privately.

Once you’ve decided you’re selling a static caravan privately, it’s important to speak to the park owner. The best way to do this is to write a letter to let them know what your plans are. Check your agreement as this will detail what you need to put in your letter.

The next step is to agree on a resale value for your caravan, pitch and licence agreement. Park owners will give you an honest valuation of your static caravan, and you could always look at other holiday homes currently for sale on-site or nearby.

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Providing notice to terminate your agreement

Once you’ve found a potential buyer, you’ll need to provide notice in order to terminate your agreement with the holiday park. Most static caravan parks will require notice, and these can range anywhere between 14 to 120 days.

When you provide your notice, give the park owners any information and relevant paperwork they need about the removal of your caravan.

Other costs you need to consider

You also need to consider additional costs if you’re selling your caravan, especially if you’re selling to a private buyer.

Removal and disconnection costs

One of the main costs to consider is the process of disconnecting and removing your caravan. If you sell directly to your park, you won’t need to worry about this. However, if you sell privately or to caravan traders, you’ll need to allow for additional costs during the selling process.

You need to think about the costs of removing the caravan. A low loading vehicle will be required to transport it to wherever it is going, and you’ll likely have a disconnection and removal charge to pay to your caravan park. You should always check your pitch license agreement and park rules to see what your holiday park’s process is.

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Outstanding finance payments

If you didn’t buy your static caravan outright, chances are you’ll have outstanding finance payments. This isn’t uncommon and you may find yourself needing to sell before all the finance has been paid off. Even though the process of selling with outstanding finance can be challenging, it isn’t impossible.

It is illegal for you to sell a holiday home with an outstanding finance agreement attached to it. The best thing to do is speak to your caravan finance company first. They will help you through the process and make arrangements for the remaining finance to be paid.

Sales commission

Selling privately to a new owner might mean you owe commission or charges to the park operator. Before you advertise, it’s best to calculate how much this is likely to be and factor this into the price you want.

Utility bills and pitch fees

Make sure any utility bills are paid in full before you complete a sale. This will include any costs for the use of gas, electricity, water and the internet. You’ll also need to speak to your park about the pitch fee and whether any refunds are due for anything you’ve already paid.

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Lovat Parks is here to help

Whether you need more guidance on selling your holiday home or want to find out more about our holiday homes for sale, Lovat is always here to help you.

Discover your dream peaceful escape at one of our incredible locations across the United Kingdom. Explore the serene seaside with our holiday parks in Cornwall, Norfolk and Suffolk, or wander through the New Forest countryside for hours on end.

As we said above, location is everything, and we have holiday homes for sale across the UK.

Holiday homes for sale in the New Forest

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Holiday homes for sale in Norfolk

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Please speak to our friendly team for more advice on buying a static caravan and start your exciting ownership journey with Lovat Parks.

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