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Weather Guarantee

managed by Sensible Weather

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While we can't make the sun come out on your holiday, we can offer you a Weather Guarantee managed by Sensible Weather if you add our new extra to your holiday booking at checkout.

How the Sensible Weather Extra works

If you book a holiday with us, add the Sensible Weather extra and then if showers are predicted during your stay, you'll receive a 100% reimbursement of your daily rate according to that day's Global Forecast Systems predictions. Sensible Weather checks the forecast daily at 8 am and you'll be automatically reimbursed if the forecast predicts rainfall of 1.5mm/hr or more between 8 am to 8 pm on that day.

Simply choose your holiday on our website and at checkout, Sensible Weather will offer you a Weather Guarantee as an extra. Sensible Weather determines guarantee coverage details based on your unique location and dates, and triggers pay outs automatically based on the day of forecast.

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How to weatherproof your next holiday in three steps

  1. During your holiday with us, Sensible Weather will watch the Global Forecast Systems predictions closely.
  2. You’ll receive a reimbursement text from Sensible Weather if bad weather is forecast.
  3. Once reimbursed, you’ll get your reimbursement via PayPal only on the same day.

Former weather forecasting legend and national treasure, Michael Fish said, “I love that more and more Brits are enjoying the wonders of a British summer holiday. The unpredictable weather shouldn’t stop us, so the Weather Guarantee is a great way to give holiday-goers peace of mind when they’re heading off on a relaxing British break.”