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Our Owners Say It Best

Behind every Lovat Parks owner is their story

From the freedom to get away at a moment's notice to wanting unlimited UK holidays by nature, there are many reasons why our little ownership community choose us as their springboard to forever holidays whenever. But don't just take our word for it...

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Meet Our Owners

Meet Geoff and Lesley

Having visited the New Forest as a child, Geoff knew it was the place for him and his wife Lesley to find their forever holiday home after he got word about Green Hill Farm Holiday Village.

Now, the couple spends as much time as possible in their favourite neck of the woods with their dogs and two-year-old granddaughter. When they're not holidaying in their lodge, they use our Love To Let service to allow other families to enjoy it.

“When we get here, we’re relaxed straight away. There’s no gardening to do or any work to do. We literally come in, within 10 minutes, we’re unpacked and we feel we’re on holiday.”

~ Lesley

Geoff Lesley

Meet Marc and Tracey

Being close to the sea and having a choice of nearby walks was top of the priority list for Marc and Tracey. Padstow Holiday Village was already ticking a lot of their boxes, but once the couple saw the view of the estuary, they knew there was nowhere else they'd rather be.

“It’s incredible, you could be anywhere in the world when it’s so bright and the sun is shining."


Marcand Tracy

Meet Karen and Simon

Karen and Simon fell fast for the feeling that the New Forest gave them. With the help of our team, the couple were in their new lodge by the weekend after their first visit to Green Hill Farm Holiday Village.

“It felt like home straight away, we used to sit out on the deck and all you could hear was the birds. The first year we had all the baby ducks nesting around us."


Karenand Simon

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