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Find out how we can give you a Helping Hand To Ownership

Unlock the Potential of Your New Lodge: Earn up to £21,000 with Our Guaranteed Letting Scheme

Padstow lodges

Did you know that buying a new lodge at Padstow Holiday Village has the potential to earn you up to £21,000? Thanks to our Guaranteed Letting Scheme, the income generated from your agreed lettings dates can be put towards your new purchase via our Love To Let scheme. Our lodge holidays are one of our customers' favourites, making signing up to our Guaranteed Letting Scheme a stress-free way to start your lodge ownership journey and elevate its financial rewards.

Peace of mind for your first year of ownership

At Lovat Parks, we recognise that owning a lodge is about more than just having a beautiful bolthole to escape to whenever you wish. It's an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle and potentially turn your investment into something even more valuable during your first year of ownership.

When you join us as a Padstow Holiday Village owner, we will work closely with you to determine specific letting dates that suit your needs.

The income generated from the agreed letting dates isn't just about extra cash in your pocket, it's an opportunity to put it towards your new purchase.

How does Guaranteed Letting work?

1. It all starts with finding the perfect lodge. Visit us at our park in Padstow, speak to the team or take a look at our lodges for sale in Cornwall to find your new special place.

2. Confirm the dates you want us to let for you in 2024. We understand that your lodge is your personal retreat, and we respect that. That's why our scheme is designed with flexibility in mind. You retain control over the dates you're comfortable renting out your lodge, ensuring your capacity to visit remains top priority.

3. We will confirm the total amount due to you for the weeks given and you can either receive it immediately to help towards your purchase or receive the total amount for letting at the end of 2024 season, paid directly into your Lovat Parks owner account.

4. Our team is here to support you every step of the way. From selecting the ideal letting dates to managing guest bookings, we're committed to ensuring a seamless and hassle free owner experience.

Your new lodge holds immense potential, and here at Lovat Parks, we're here to help you unlock it. With our Guaranteed Letting Scheme, you can transform your lodge into a source of income that not only enhances your lodge ownership experience but also contributes to your upfront costs. The opportunity to earn up to £21,000 towards your purchase is within your grasp.

Ready to embark on a lodge ownership journey?

Reach out to us today to discover more about the Guaranteed Letting Scheme at Padstow Holiday Village and begin a new chapter of lodge ownership that's filled with possibilities.
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