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Our B Corp certification.
A UK first in sustainable holidays.

Holidays that make everything better.

We're proud to be the UK's first B Corp holiday park group.

When Lovat Parks was founded in 2018, we knew one thing: this couldn’t be business as usual.

The challenge for us all in the 21st century is to find ways of living, working and holidaying that take the pressure off our one planet. Businesses have to do their bit.

83% of us believe that sustainable travel is vital, with over six in 10 wanting to become more eco-conscious in their holidaying behaviour as a result of the pandemic. We want to be part of this positive change in the travel sector.

So, by becoming a B Corp, we’ve joined a movement of organisations that are determined to become an eco-friendly force for good.

B Corp Certification is a rigorous acknowledgement of our performance, accountability and transparency covering a range of factors; an independently-verified symbol of our high social and environmental commitment.

We’re so proud to be playing a part in making B Corp travel in the UK a reality — but our work doesn’t stop now.

B Corp sawards

A few of our awards…

We’re unbelievably proud to have the awards, certifications and acknowledgements to prove our commitment to being a forward-thinking, sustainable holiday park group. Whether it’s because of our conservation efforts or the commitment to our amazing team members and their career development, just a few of the most recent include…

  • David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous
  • Visit England Gold
  • Top 100 Best Mid-size Companies To Work For
  • David Bellamy Conservation Silver & Gold
  • TripAdvisor People’s Choice
  • Premier Parks
  • B Corp Certified
  • AA Five Star

So, what does ‘B Corp’ mean?

B Corp stands for Better Corporations. The idea is simple: it’s a movement of businesses who want to be a force for good, using their work to benefit people, communities and the planet.

Sounds simple enough. The complicated bit, however, is becoming a B Corp: it means opening up your whole business to rigorous inspection, and hitting targets that prove you’re really doing what you say you will.

And once you’ve become a B Corp, you can’t rest on your laurels (or, in our case, the wildflower meadows!). You have to keep improving every year to keep your B Corp status, working creatively to improve the sustainability of every aspect of your business.

Discover more about the importance and significance of The UK B Corporation. We’re so proud to be a part of this movement for change as the UK’s first B Corp holiday park group.

BB Corp Award

And how do we stack up?

With the average business scoring 50.9, we’re pretty proud to have notched up 82.4. Every little thing we’ve done impacts our score.

It’s been a great strategic operation, where we’ve considered absolutely everything to do with the running of our parks in great detail. All this is so you can relax — you’re on holiday, after all!

For the full, in-depth breakdown, see how we’re getting on and how we’ve achieved B Corp status: take a look at our most recent impact report.

But we don’t stop here, of course — to keep our certification as a B Corp holiday company, we’ll be working creatively and strategically to achieve even better results next year.

We’re a constant, environmentally-focused work in progress. We don’t want to be just good enough. We want to keep getting better.

BB Corp Elements

How are we creating sustainable, B Corp holiday parks?

From the BIG to the rather, well, boring, we’ve worked to improve every aspect of our offering so it benefits the planet and its people. It’s all those nifty things you can see on park — reusable wooden boogie boards, beach cleaning stations and vegan food options — but also those you don’t: plumbing systems, waste disposal and even the fabric in our uniforms!

  • Sustainable dairy farms, providing refillable glass milk bottles on our parks
  • Water bottle refill stations
  • Tetra and One Water eco bottles — removing plastic from sale
  • Eco-friendly fire extinguishers
  • Food composting bins around parks
  • Clever, water-saving planting
  • Regular donations to the nearby local food banks
  • Wormeries to help with composting
  • Beach toy library — borrow what you need for your coastal day trip
  • Belly board hire — helping to beat polystyrene pollution in our oceans
  • Book swaps
  • Canine camper care stations — eco dog poop bags and sustainable biscuits
  • Supporting on-park maintenance teams in moving to electric tools
  • Going ‘peat free’ with Cornwall Wildlife Trust
BB Corp Community

Proud to be part of our community.

We love local. Our commitment to sustainable UK holidays stems from our unwavering commitment to absolutely everything in our area — the wildlife, the landscapes, the people and the businesses. After all, they’re what makes our areas so amazing. We've proud to have some great local partnerships nearby our parks.

  • BH & HPA
  • The Wildlife Trust
  • St Petrocs
  • Beach Guardian Cornwall
  • Plastic Free Mawgan Porth
  • Food Bank Wadebridge
  • Refill Org
  • Visit Wiltshire
  • Visit Hampshire
  • Go New Forest
  • Cornwall Air Ambulance
  • Sea Palling Lifeboat Trust
  • St Francis Dogs Home
  • Rewilding Britain
  • Kickstart Scheme UK

Meet the Lovat Parks B Corp champion…

In case you hadn’t already realised, being B Corp is no mean feat — it takes effort and continual progression!

Lian is our B Corp champion, visiting all our parks, setting up our partnerships and rolling up her sleeves to keep us on the right track as the only sustainable UK holiday park group.

So, meet Lian & her daughter Charlotte. They’re the A team when it comes to being B Corp!

B Corp Lian

Behind the B Corp is our team

Being B Corp is a team effort and that's why there's a B Corp champion at every park.

Championing mental health wellbeing.

Thankfully, mental health is now widely acknowledged to be just as important as our physical wellbeing.

Our mental health first aider initiative launched in January 2022 — we've trained 10 of our team to be mental health champions across our entire business.

Now certified, they will conduct regular mental health and wellbeing sessions at each park, cementing our Lovat Parks’ Wellbeing Promise.

BB Corp Mentalhealth

We’re better together.

From our incredible on-park teams to our owners and holidaymakers, we couldn’t do it without you.

We have a number of partnerships with organisations and businesses to help us deliver truly sustainable travel.

  • Fantasy Prints — our commitment to the environment goes right down to the garments our team wears. These brilliant guys have created us a range of stunning sustainable uniforms.

  • Honest Mobile — connectivity needs to be green, which is why we’ve partnered with a fellow B Corp for our mobile network.

  • Cotswold Fayre — to stock our shops with completely sustainable products, we’ve partnered with another amazing fellow B Corp Certified business.

  • One Water — we all know how much of a scourge plastic waste is — it’s long gone on all of our parks. Our partnership with One Water has allowed us to stock a range of environmentally-friendly reusable water bottles.

  • Dick Pierce Bellyboards — For surfing lovers, we're delighted to be able to offer free belly board hire at each of our coastal parks. Each handmade with wood, our reusable bellyboards can be taken out to sea time and time again and is a fun way to help combat polystyrene pollution.

Make it the year you travel sustainably.

Whether you’re considering holiday home ownership or just fancy a luxury getaway, we’d love for you to join us at one of our B Corp holiday parks for an eco-friendly time to remember.
Discover sustainable UK holidays with Lovat

Why Lovat Parks?

  • Service We believe service truly matters
  • People care We care about people
  • Environment We love the environment
  • Community We create community
  • Fair practice We believe in fair practice