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It all started with the great outdoors…

We started Lovat Parks in 2018 to share our love of the UK in all its natural glory. Set in beautiful parts of Cornwall, Norfolk, Suffolk, and the New Forest, our tranquil parks offer an escape to the great outdoors and a peaceful place to sleep off all the fresh air.

Our aim is to offer a home from home in these special places

It’s why we’ve made sure there’s somewhere for everyone: from holiday homes to safari tents, shepherds huts to luxurious lodges. You can camp under the stars, too.

Stay for a holiday, or own your own place, and see why we love these stunning spaces so much.

We're a B Corp

In 2020, we became the first UK holiday park to be B Corp certified. B Corp stands for Better Corporations.

It’s a movement of businesses who want to be a force for good, using their work to benefit people, communities and the planet.

To keep our B Corp status, we open our whole business to rigorous inspection, hitting targets in eco-friendliness, community building, and looking after people.

Lovat Parks is more than just a business to us. It’s our chance to make a positive difference to the world. Being a B Corp helps us make sure we do.

Beautiful parks in brilliant places

From luxury lodges to safari tents, our accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes to welcome all guests, including your four legged friends.

You won’t find pumping nightlife or rowdy crowds on our parks. But we can promise back to nature activities at every Lovat Park and plenty to do nearby. Plus, there’s an on park shop full of locally-sourced essentials (and non-essentials!) to keep the whole family fed, watered and entertained.

Whether you’re looking for activities to tire out the children, or a special restaurant for supper, you’ll find a winner within easy reach. And with such beautiful places on our doorstep, you can always step out for some truly memorable walks.

Family time’s so much better with everyone

A Lovat Parks holiday is about getting the whole family together to enjoy peace in the wild. And by the whole family, we mean the whole family, including your beloved dogs. That's why all of our parks are dog-friendly and we welcome up to two well trained dogs per holiday booking. We only permit dogs in our pet friendly accommodation, but you only need to walk around our parks to see the treats we have lined up for your furry friends, including canine camper stations and dog showers.

The Lovat Way

We didn’t start Lovat Parks to be like everyone else. We wanted to make holidays that were beautiful, natural, and worth remembering. Since the beginning, our holidays have been about four things:

The power of nature

The natural world helps us feel restored, connected and alive. Lovat Park holidays are designed to help you get into the wild and have a real natural experience.

Special places

Every Lovat Park is unique, tailored to its individual natural setting. We promise you’ll get a sense of what makes the place you’re visiting so special.

Connections with people

Holidays are about making memories together, and whether you’re on holiday or you’re one of our owners, you’re a part of our Lovat community. We’re proud to be a place where people look out for each other.

Looking after people and planet

We want to make truly brilliant holidays, filled with good design and magical little touches – from our insect hotels (a big favourite with our younger visitors) to our recycled wooden surfboards (a favourite with everyone). We think about how we can do things better and put sustainability at the heart of it all.


1. Act with respect

Towards the places we work in, and the people we work with. We listen to everyone’s point of view and treat people with fairness, honesty and integrity.

2. Be bold

We’re not here to do things the same old way. If there’s a better way to do something, we’ll try!

3. Make a difference

Our B-Corp status demands we act as a force for good. We’ve got a responsibility to look after the planet and its people, and make holidays that change things for the better.

4. Go the extra detail

We put our visitors’ needs at the centre of everything we do, always looking for those little magic touches that make someone’s day a bit more special.

Own a holiday home

Sometimes just visiting isn’t enough – if you want to own a little piece of Lovat Parks, you can. When you buy a holiday home or lodge with us, you know you’re getting more than just luxurious accommodation in a stunning destination. You’ll be part of an active community where we support our neighbours, do good for our communities, and look after wildlife. You can also lock up and leave your holiday home safe in the knowledge that our team keeps the parks beautifully maintained year-round. So instead of mowing lawns or trimming hedges at your home away from home, all you need to do is turn up and let the relaxation begin.