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Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

We’re breathing new life into holiday homes and parks

Our tranquil parks are a breath of fresh air. Set in beautiful parts of the UK, they’re special places where you can connect with nature and feel instantly at home. A drive, not a dreaded flight away, they give you the freedom to quickly escape to the great outdoors, relax, recharge and explore. They’re a real family home from home.

We’re helping families reconnect

Now more than ever, we all need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life, connect with each other and get closer to nature. Power down the iPad and go for a paddle on a golden sandy beach. Ditch quick sandwiches on the go for long leisurely family picnics with stunning views. Quality family time is incredibly precious.

A natural lifestyle changer

Own one of our holiday homes or luxury lodges and life will never be the same. It gives you the option to head for the country or seaside whenever and as often as you wish. You get to set the pace of life. Lose yourself in a book one day, ride off the beaten track or hit a sandy beach the next.

There’s no place like home

We all know that holidays are exciting, yet we still miss our home comforts. That’s perfectly natural, but what’s wonderful about owning one of our holiday homes or luxury lodges is that when you arrive, all your personal touches are there just waiting for you, like your favourite mug and rug. You just feel instantly at home.

The grass really is greener

Together, our homes create warm and friendly communities all of their own. They’re perfectly located in safe, carefully maintained parks in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Set in untamed natural scenery, each is a true home from home. The ideal base for living a healthy outdoor lifestyle that you’re also free to share with visiting family and friends. Peace and tranquility whenever you need it.

Our values mean so much to us

We create community

We build a real sense of community within and beyond our parks. From a deep respect for the living environment and the needs of our owners, to strengthening bonds with local people and their businesses. Our parks are places where everyone instantly feels welcome.

We believe service truly matters

Always at your service, we’re here to enhance and make the lives of our owners easier. We want to harbour an atmosphere of mutual respect in safe, well maintained parks.

We believe in fair practice

We’re raising the bar by bringing best practice from far and wide. We’re not interested in keeping the status quo. We just want to use fresh thinking to build better communities and homes for families.

We care about people

We have a duty to our employees and owners. All our team have training opportunities and good career prospects. We want every team member and owner to take real pride in their park and make them happy places to work and holiday at.

We love the environment

We’re environmentally aware and conscientious. We all share a responsibility to be kind to our planet and protect local wildlife and habitats.