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Behind the Words

There are far more interesting things to do while on one of our holidays (or crouched around a hot beverage as you browse the Lovat website in contemplation) than to read about the writer behind the incandescent descriptions of our many beautiful destinations. It is true, I am not as interesting as the sea, and you’d have more fun on a woodland walk than reading about me but I am an actual person and not a robot at the office, forgotten next to the dusty fax machine. My journey to writing for Lovat ran along crisscrossed lanes, relying on pure chance and a few random events to come together. I joined as an intern in June after meeting a journalist who happened to mention my name in a different conversation a week or so later. (I say meet although we have never actually seen each other). Great things can happen on the worldwide web. Except holidays. They just aren’t as fun online. Sorry!

I started writing when I was 6. My first book was a version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears that was an exact replica of the original work! But I rewrote it in my own handwriting, so it counts. I became fascinated by the collection of Enid Blyton books and by Camara Laye’s The African Child and later, I wrote my first story, Beth-Aven, Hebrew for House of Wickedness, about a boy who could turn people into whatever he willed, but only if they ate a particular sweet and managed to be lured into his magical lair. Now, twenty years later, I write poetry and fiction, some of which I have performed to audiences at The Poetry Society in London. The Seeds of Pomegranates, my first short story is due to be published in an anthology later in the year.

Having veered away from the creative arts by becoming a clinical pharmacist, I dream of becoming a writer and will start a postgraduate creative writing degree at the University of Cambridge in September. In the meanwhile, I look forward to sharing more of the joys of our destinations in the UK and you never know, you might run into me soon at one of our offices where I’ll be looking at old brochures, typing furiously and consuming mounds of cold coffee, in my seat on the far side of the room, right next to the fax machine!

By Abimbola Alaba

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