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Golden Beach Holiday Park

Frequently asked questions


We get asked so many questions about our park, so here are all the answers.

If you’ve any questions regarding Golden Beach, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Any other questions, feel free to call the park manager on 01692 598269 or email us.


Golden Beach is open from 14th February to 30th November each year.

No. Golden Beach is an owners only park and does not allow holiday rentals. In fact, many owners buy here for exactly this reason.

You usually have a choice of several pitches when you buy a holiday home. Where these are will depend on availability and whether the pitch is suitable for the size of your holiday home.

These simply cover general day-to-day things including all park maintenance, landscaping, security and park facilities.

It’s your holiday home, so you can come and go as and when you want during the open season. However, Golden Beach isn’t a residential park, so it can’t be used as your main permanent address.