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Our Big 5 adventure

The UK is home to thousands of awe-inspiring animals. We've teamed up with zoologist & wildlife photographer Megan McCubbin to curate a list of the UK's Big 5 wildlife that you can spot on our shores and woodlands this summer. There is something for wildlife lovers of all ages, and getting involved is easy! Pick up a Big 5 map from one of our parks receptions, grab your binoculars and set off into the wild and spot the beautiful wildlife that are surprisingly found on our doorsteps. Our Big 5 map includes the best locations and times to spot our local wildlife. And what’s more, they're all within walking distance of our parks.


Meet our Big 5 ambassador, Megan McCubbin

We’re very excited to have wildlife expert Megan McCubbin on board as our Big 5 ambassador and she enjoys the outdoors just as much as we do! You may recognise Megan from TV's Springwatch or Autumnwatch, she’s also travelled all over the world making films about endangered animals. Like us, she's passionate about the UK's amazing creatures and wants you to get out there and spot them roaming free this summer on & around our parks. Our Big 5 map also includes Megan's expert tips and tricks on spotting our Big 5 wildlife this summer.

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The Big 5

Sharks, Grey Seals, Puffins, Otters, and Elephant Hawk Moths are our Big 5 creatures we want you to spot this summer. Head down to our Cornish parks to spot Blue Sharks & Puffins. Blue Sharks can be spotted splashing off the south-west of Cornwall between June and October, and in the winter, the UK’s Puffins head out to sea. But when summer rolls around, they head back to the North Cornwall coast to breed – and it really is a sight to behold.

Stroll over acres of Norfolk’s famous Broads & New Forest National Park to spot Elephant Hawk Moths flowing through the woodlands & skies. Our beautiful park, Waxham Sands backs onto the popular Grey Seal colony at Horsey Gap Beach, so grab your binoculars, stroll over the sand dunes and low and behold - you’re in Grey Seal country.

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Nature and wellbeing

We've partnered with Psychologist, Andrea Mechelli to highlight that getting out into nature, exploring wildlife and spending time among trees and plants is great for your mental health. Heading out this summer and spotting the Big 5 is perfect for all the family to enjoy. Improve your mental wellbeing by a whopping 81% by just being in the presence of trees. We’re also 28% less likely to feel lonely when in nature. We’re lucky that our parks are surrounded by the most beautiful greenery & amazing wildlife that the UK has to offer.

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The adventure itself

Getting involved is simple! Pick up your Big 5 Map from reception at one of our holiday parks and get spotting! You can also borrow (for free!) an adventure pack to help you spot wildlife, including a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass. Prepare yourself for a thrilling day exploring woodlands and coastline in search of the Big 5 wildlife. Don't forget, once you've spotted the Big 5, head back to reception, get your postcards stamped and claim your adventurer’s medal.

For more information on our Big 5, read more here. Book your holiday at one of our parks in Cornwall, Norfolk or the New Forest & get out spotting! The Big 5 are waiting to be spotted!. We can't wait to welcome you.

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