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Discover the Big 5


Holiday where the wild things roam

Find the Big 5 of British wildlife with Lovat Parks.

You don’t need to travel thousands of miles to spot amazing wildlife. And you can skip the queues at the zoo, too. Because you can find all kinds of awe-inspiring creatures in the wild right here in the UK – and here at Lovat Parks, we see
lots of them!

What will you spot this summer? Come and join the search.

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Meet our Big 5 ambassador, Megan

You might recognise Megan McCubbin from TV’s Springwatch and Autumnwatch. She’s a zoologist, conservationist and wildlife photographer, and like us, she loves the great outdoors. She’s travelled all over the world making films about endangered animals, and is also an expert on UK wildlife.

Megan loves to share her passion for the UK’s amazing creatures. Which is why she’s challenging you to get out there at Lovat Parks this summer, and spot the Big 5 of British wildlife on and around our parks: grey seals, sharks, puffins, otters and elephants. (Well, elephant moths at least!)

Check out Megan's map for her top tips and tricks to spotting wildlife on your adventures.

Megan's map

Megan Mc Cubbin3

What's the Big 5?

Spot the Big 5

There are five amazing animals and wildlife to spot, spread out all over the country. If you’re looking for seals, sharks and puffins, our Cornish parks are the place to be. You can find elephant moths in the New Forest and Norfolk is home to otters. Megan McCubbin has also chosen five animals for each park, too. So there’s loads to look out for. Head out into the wild and see what you can find – you’re guaranteed to come across a lot of fun!

Who’s it for?

The Big 5 is for wildlife lovers of all ages. We want to inspire the next generation of conservationists – and have a lot of fun doing it. So whether you’re just a seal pup or as old as an elephant moth, grab your binoculars and get spotting.

Get involved

It’s easy to get involved. Pick up a Big 5 map from reception at one of our holiday parks and get spotting. We’ve got loads of tips and tricks to give you the best chance of seeing something amazing – and how to look after and preserve our local wildlife's natural habitats. Visit Lovat Parks on Instagram and tag us in all your Big 5 photos using #LovatParksBig5 – we can’t wait to see how you get on!

Please ensure that little Lovats are supervised at all times on their adventures. Medals must not be worn without adult supervision.

Big 5 new

Nature provides powerful benefits for mental wellbeing

We've partnered with Psychologist, Andrea Mechelli to highlight that getting out into nature, exploring wildlife and spending time among trees and plants is not just fun – it’s great for our mental health, too. And with the planet’s natural places needing our help, it’s important to inspire the next generation of conservationists to get excited about looking after their natural surroundings.

  • Higher cognitive performance and emotional wellbeing in children who spend more time in green spaces
  • 20% reduced risk of developing depression in those who spend significant amounts of time in natural environments
  • 28% lower likelihood of feeling lonely when in nature
  • A significant reduction in risk of developing depression and generalised anxiety disorder amongst those who spend time in nature
  • 81% improvement in mental wellbeing when in the presence of trees

Research by Andrea Mechelli, Professor of Early Intervention in Mental Health, 2022.

Square norfolk landing

Megan's Big 5


You can spot seals all over the UK. Keen-eyed conservationists can clock them in our Cornish parks, and we’ve got a massive colony on our doorstep at Waxham Sands. Just grab your binoculars, stroll over the dunes to Horsey Gap Beach and behold – you’re in seal country.


Blue Sharks

We love a dip in the British seas in the summer – and we’re not the only ones. Blue Sharks can be spotted splashing off the south-west of Cornwall between June and October. Get up close and personal with them on the Blue Shark Snorkel Tour, which leaves from Penzance.

Blue Sharks3


Otters can be found rollicking in rivers and waterways all around Britain - but up in Norfolk and Suffolk, we’ve got special access to them. Earsham Wetland centre is a former otter-breeding centre, where you can often spot them from the riverside. And if you’re heading to the New Forest, pop into the New Forest Otter, Owl and Wildlife Park at Longdown, to catch a glimpse of these playful mammals.


Elephant Hawk-Moths

From May to August, you can find flying elephants in the UK. Okay, they’re not really elephants, but Elephant Hawk-Moths are still well worth spotting. Resplendent in pink and gold, they can be found fluttering around parks and gardens, woodland edges and near sand dunes.



In the winter, the UK’s puffins head out to sea. But when summer rolls around, they head back to the North Cornwall coast to breed – and it’s a sight to behold. The best time to see them is between April and late July, onboard one of our Cornish boat trips that leave from Padstow and Rock. These bright beaked comedians will keep you entertained with their antics!


Get involved

What are you waiting for? Collect your Big 5 map from reception, lace up your walking shoes and head off on your Big 5 adventure!

Make sure you share any photos you take using the hashtag #LovatParksBig5 to be in with a chance of winning one of our monthly prizes!

What will you find?

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