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Discover our new Big 5 Nature Trails

Last year, we invited you to find the Big 5 in our local beauty spots. Now, we've set up some enchanting nature trails on each of our parks to help the whole family get back to nature.

A route into nature right here on our parks

Following the launch of the Big 5 in 2022, you may remember that we encouraged you to swap screen time for time in nature. From seal watching to falcon spotting, we loved hearing about your local wildlife tales, so much so that we decided to create our adventure on each of our parks.

Our new Big 5 Nature Trails take you on a magical journey of exploration around the park, solving cryptic wildlife clues with your fellow adventurers along the way. From interactive rubbing posts to the sound of rustling in the bracken, this multisensory walk leaves so much up to the imagination but even more exciting is the prospect of seeing our local wildlife up close. You won't want to miss anything fluttering by or soaring up high...

What you need for a day adventuring

Don't forget your Big 5 essentials...

Big 5 nature trail

You'll want to be prepared for a day of fun and adventure as you meander around the trail. That's why our guests can borrow essential adventuring equipment from our park shop, including a compass to navigate the trail and binoculars to see what you can spy in the skies. When you return to reception, you can gain your official 'spotted' stamp from our on-park Big 5 Champion. You will also be awarded your Big 5 Adventurer's medal, the highest accolade of all.

The Big 5 Nature Trail is perfect for families and nature enthusiasts looking for an adventure. It's a great way to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, and learn about the local wildlife. It's also a fun activity to do with friends, as you compete to see who can spot the most wildlife.

So, get your team ready, your backpack packed, and your Lovat Trail map ready; it's going to be quite an adventure! Book your holiday by nature at one of Lovat Parks today to have a go at one of our Big 5 Nature Trails yourself.

Let the adventure begin

Be one of the first to walk through our new nature trails at each of our holiday parks in Cornwall, Norfolk and the New Forest.
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