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Find out how we can give you a Helping Hand To Ownership

If you love Cornwall as much as we do, you probably already know our beaches are some of the most beautiful in the UK.

We’re on a mission to protect our coastline and turn the tide on un-sustainable tourism.

Every year thousands of polystyrene belly boards are discarded on our beaches and can easily break, leaving behind toxic particles. This type of pollution is incredibly dangerous to our coastal wildlife & Cornwall's marine eco system.

We're thrilled to announce that we’ve joined Dick Pearce and Friends in their mission to tackle environmentally toxic, polystyrene boards by investing in a range of handcrafted, sustainable belly boards. Our new belly boards are free to hire & available at our Cornish parks, Padstow Holiday Village & Sun Haven Holiday Park.

Come down, grab a belly board, enjoy our beaches and surf sustainably!

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