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Highlights from Green Hill Farm Holiday Village's 2023 Biodiversity Report


We're thrilled to share the latest findings from our ongoing ecological survey at Green Hill Farm Holiday Village tucked away in Landford in the New Forest. Spanning 30 hectares, our park is home to an incredible array of wildlife-rich habitats, here's a sneak peek into what ecologist Russell Wynn has discovered so far:

Conservation Fields: A Sanctuary for Biodiversity:

The 'conservation fields,' covering one-third of our park, took centre stage in the report. In 82 hours of survey work, these fields unveiled a rich tapestry of life through walkover surveys, trail cameras, nocturnal moth surveys, and acoustic bat studies.

Species Marvel:

Dive into the diversity with 724 species recorded, including 40 priority species. The conservation fields alone hosted 489 species, highlighting the vibrant ecosystem. Invertebrates took the lead, contributing to the natural spectacle alongside the one-third represented by plants and fungi.

Feathered Friends and Management Insight:

The site-wide breeding bird survey showcased 42 species, with 31 displaying breeding evidence. Notable common species, such as Robin and Wren, added to the avian charm. Ceasing cutting and grazing in the conservation fields resulted in increased sward length, attracting priority species.

Rare Gems and Woodland Wonders:

A rare find was the Portland Ribbon Wave, a Red Data Book species, recorded during a moth survey. Trail cameras captured Badger, Fox, Otter, Polecat, and Stoat in the woodland block, with Fallow Deer sightings peaking in July.

Looking Forward

The 2023-24 biodiversity baseline data sets the stage for future management activities starting in 2025. But before this journey unfolds, download the full report to discover more about what we found.

Download the report