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Lovat Parks Launches the UK's First Weather Guarantee managed by Sensible Weather

Michael fish

While we can’t make the sun come out on your holidays, we can help weatherproof your holiday plans with our new Weather Guarantee managed by Sensible Weather. A first of its kind in the UK, we're delighted to offer a Weather Guarantee to all our holiday customers, with reimbursement provided if your holiday plans are affected by rainfall. And if that wasn't exciting enough, we're proud to share that our new extra has received support from everyone's favourite meteorologist and weather man, Michael Fish, who believes everyone should embrace the magic of a great British summer holiday.

Partnering with Sensible Weather for Seamless Coverage

To make the Weather Guarantee a reality, we have teamed up with Sensible Weather, a leading climate risk technology provider. Using their state-of-the-art systems and data from Global Forecast Systems, Sensible Weather will monitor the forecast for our customers. If rain is expected, meeting the guarantee terms, they will notify you automatically, ensuring you receive timely reimbursement via PayPal. If you book a holiday with us, add the Sensible Weather extra and showers are predicted during your stay, you'll receive a 100% reimbursement of your daily rate according to the day's Global Forecast Systems predictions. Sensible Weather checks the forecast daily at 8 am and you'll be automatically reimbursed if the forecast predicts rainfall of 1.5mm/hr or more between 8 am to 8 pm on that day.

How it works

Using some clever maths, Sensible Weather will offer you a Weather Guarantee for each day of their break from expected rain. You can simply add that to their basket at checkout and let Sensible Weather do the rest. Sensible Weather will keep an eye on the forecast using Global Forecast Systems everyday of your holiday and if they spot rain on the horizon that meets the guarantee terms then they’ll drop you a text to let you know. So, instead of hiding from the elements, you can enjoy your day with some extra spending money.

Michael Fish's Support

Renowned meteorologist Michael Fish, known for his iconic weather forecasts, has come out of retirement to support Lovat Parks' Weather Guarantee managed by Sensible Weather. With a refreshed weather board in hand, Fish forecasts fewer holiday washouts now that Brits can now enjoy their summer holidays without worrying about unpredictable weather conditions.

With Fish's endorsement, you can pack your bags, leave the weather worries behind, and let Sensible Weather take care of the rest on your next Lovat Parks booking. Get ready to embrace the magic of a British summer holiday, knowing that you're covered, come rain or shine.

Holiday fun whatever the weather

Learn more about our Weather Guarantee extra and how to add to your next Lovat Parks holiday.
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