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Big Summer Holiday


Make sure to join us this summer. Don't miss out!


Whether you're drawn to Norfolk's beautiful beaches and historic sites, the diverse landscapes of the New Forest with its woodlands and heathlands, or the stunning coastline and picturesque villages of Cornwall. Secure up to 25% off your big summer holiday!

Add the Sensible Weather extra and then if showers are predicted during your stay, you'll receive a 100% reimbursement of your daily rate according to that day's Global Forecast Systems predictions. Sensible Weather checks the forecast daily at 8 am and you'll be automatically reimbursed if the forecast predicts rainfall of 1.5mm/hr or more between 8 am to 8 pm on that day.


Our pet friendly locations all offer a range of holiday home and lodges waiting to be stepped into. We're delighted to welcome up to two well-behaved dogs per holiday booking. With dog showers, treat station, ball library and exercise areas, be assured of a pampered, action-packed getaway for your furry family members. After all, the best memories are those that are made with everyone.

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Terms & conditions

Offers apply to new bookings only, are subject to promotional rate availability and may be withdrawn or reduced at any time. Discount automatically applied. Full booking terms and conditions apply.