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Green fingers at Golden Leas

We are excited to share that Golden Leas Holiday Park have teamed up with Hubbub, an award-winning environmental organisation and charity that looks at sustainable development within businesses.

Look after our patch

Our first project was installing a fantastic vegetable and herb patch, and what a treat the activity went down. We had lots of little helpers to plant the variety of herbs and vegetables.

There'll be 6 sessions in total, with the remaining 5 being carried out over the summer holidays, which will include; educating on the importance of looking after wildlife and our ecosystem, building a living wall, looking at water conservation and ways to be creative with sustainability - to name a few!

Our final session will include a cook off with a guest chef using the vegetables from our patch. Everyone can tuck in and enjoy their home-grown lunch.

Green fingers 1
Green fingers 2
Green fingers 3